A Football Player’s Perspective – How to Make It to the Next Level of Play

It was August 2003 and my team on the time, the Pittsburgh Steelers, became keeping the primary stay scrimmage for training camp. As a rookie in the NFL I had practiced a number of times with the team, however this became the first time I turned into going to fit it up for a “complete contact and address aim line scrimmage”. The installation changed into clean. The first and 2d group offenses would move against the first and second crew defenses. The offense had 4 downs to attain a landing. If they scored, they won; in the event that they failed to rating the protection won.
The first team offense and defense took the sphere first. The offense blanketed Jerome Bettis, Hines Ward, Plaxico Burress, and Tommy Maddox who went in opposition to a protection which include Joey Porter, James Farrior, and Kendrell Bell. The opposing facets lined up against every other, the referee blew his whistle to begin the play clock, Tommy Maddox referred to as out the cadence, then the ball was snapped … … From that on the spot, the phrase “The Next Level” changed into defined for me.

“The Next Level” is a phrase generally thrown round through athletes relating to the capability to play in a expert arena which include the NFL, NBA or MLB. To me “The Next Level” isn’t always a identify you benefit, e.G. Professional Football Player; it is greater a country of thoughts, an mindset and way of wondering when competing. Therefore, I actually have come up with three characteristics that I accept as true with all athletes ought to posses which will gain “The Next Level”.

1. Play, Practice and Think with one hundred% Effort. It is as easy as that. You need to have one pace and one speed best – FAST! There is no such thing as “half velocity” or “walk through”. Regardless of what humans say, this is how we practiced and prepared in the NFL. Mike Holmgren stated it high-quality in the future at the same time as training inside the center of December at the same time as making ready for the playoffs, “We run performs at complete pace at some point of the week so while the sport comes it will be second nature and all you need to do is react.”

2. Be Able to “Flip the Switch” Once the Whistle Blows. This is probably the maximum intellectual of the 3 characteristics. Just photo for your mind a Cheetah stalking a gazelle and how meticulous, careful and alert it’s far as it sets up its method. Once that Gazelle notices it’s miles being hunted and starts offevolved going for walks, the Cheetah “flips the switch” and speeds up to extraordinary speeds. Within seconds it has the Gazelle in its hold close and the hunt is over. This is the identical manner you need to approach each play. An average football play lasts a median of 10 seconds or much less, however whilst that ball is snapped a literal switch should be flipped in your mind and every ounce of power should be released at that moment.

3. Dominate. This one word sums up every fine of people who achieve “The Next Level”. To dominate definitely way competing to be the BEST. Does it imply you need to be the satisfactory? NO! It just manner you’re running, preparing, working towards and believing YOU CAN be the BEST. You may also in no way obtain it and in case you do there will continually be someone on the way to be better. But if you compete and method everything with one hundred% effort, determination, dedication, and keep your self accountable, you may dominate. While I became playing with the Philadelphia Eagles throughout our run as much as the Super Bowl in 2004, beginning tight stop and 3-time Pro Bowl choice Chad Lewis would always inform the group, “Time to DOMINATE!” That is actually how you ought to technique each conditioning drill, lift, exercise, meeting and play as an athlete. You approach it no different way!!

When I witnessed the explosive strength, speed and attitude that my teammates displayed that late summer season day in Pittsburgh, I got here to the belief that “The Next Level” isn’t always a title you benefit whilst you make it to the NFL, it’s far honestly a state of thoughts and way of existence for people who achieve greatness in athletics.

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